Crown and Bridge

Dental crowns and bridges are a reconstructive prothesis that can restore aesthetics and/or function to a tooth that would have otherwise been unable to support a filling or facilitate missing teeth to be replaced in a relatively natural manner. Unlike dentures that are removable, crowns and bridges are permanently fixed onto the tooth. Crowns and bridges are an excellent long term restorative option.

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The Procedure

The procedure of preparing a tooth for a crown is straightforward, however as with any dental treatment, it does carry risks. Your treating dentist will go through these risks with you prior to commencement of the preparation. Once the preparation is complete, your dentist will take a digital scan using state of the art technology to ensure complete accuracy; this will also ensure that the crown fits perfectly. In the following appointment, the permanent crown will be inserted using resin cement which bonds the crown into place.

Although crowns are non-porous and cannot decay, optimal oral hygiene is still required as the underlying tooth can still decay if bacteria is left for long periods in between the teeth. This can be achieved by flossing daily, brushing twice daily with a fluoridated toothpaste, and keeping up with your 6 monthly check up and cleans.

At Oxenford Dental Studio, we use the highest quality Porcelain and Zirconia to fabricate your crown/bridge so you can have peace of mind knowing that the crown/bridge will last for many years.

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