Root Canals Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is sometimes necessary when the nerve of a tooth is infected or damaged. An infection of the nerve can occur when decay is left untreated and is allowed to reach the nerve which sits in the middle of the tooth. Damage to the nerve can occur when there is a significant amount of trauma to the tooth – either recent or in the past. An infected or damaged nerve can quite often have multiple symptoms such has severe hot or cold sensitivity, a dull ache, sharp shooting pain, tenderness to pressure or an abscess on the gum. The result of either of these conditions results in something we call Irreversible Pulpitis (inflammation of the nerve that cannot be reversed). Irreversible pulpitis is treated with a Root Canal Treatment which eliminates the nerve entirely, thus saving a tooth that would have otherwise been extracted.

Need a Root Canal?

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Root Canal Treatments

Root Canal treatments are often treated in 2 appointments; the first appointment cleans the inside of the tooth, whereas the second appointment seals off the inside of the tooth to prevent bacteria from growing. During these appointments, anaesthetic will be given to ensure that there is no pain in the tooth while we perform the required treatment.

Once Root Canal treatment has been completed, teeth become more fragile and prone to fracturing which is why we highly recommend placing a crown over the tooth to restore it back to full function and to protect it to ensure longevity.

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